Is it possible to grow sales offering training to channel partners and customers?

Yes, at TechClass.Academy we are convinced, and we help companies to create and manage training courses about their key products

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Latest News

10 keys to develop high quality eLearning tutorials

  • By Administrator User

eLearning tutorials are a very useful type of learning resources when it comes to describing processes based on step-by-step sequences of actions intended to complete a task. They are applicable to multiple activities, and very often, tutorials are related to the “Do It Yourself” concept, also known by the acronym DIY.

TechClass.Academy helps Opticits to scale globally through its cloud learning platform

  • By Administrator User

Opticits, a fast-growing company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for City Resilience, has contracted TechClass.Academy to create interactive on-line learning courses intended to provide   both training on Urban Resilience Assessment and Management as well as technical training on the HAZUR tool to Opticits international network of experts interested about City Resilience.