New World Talent


Online guide to designing and implementing winning talent strategies for your organization.

These four modules guide you through the creation of practical talent management, performance management, and coaching and mentoring.

Each module can be studied individually or the four modules studied together to support all elements of a complete talent management strategy.

Based on Strategic Talent Development by Janice Caplan


About New World Talent

Today’s nimble, flexible, and global organization requires talent and performance management strategies that develop everyone’s strengths, values diversity and encourages creativity and innovation.

Talent management is no longer about a few select individuals.

Today, talent management covers the whole workforce, with the ultimate aim of creating a high-performing organization in a fast-changing world.

We call this approach New World Talent.


  • Develop a talent management strategy that embodies the principles of New World Talent. Understand how this will add value to your organization.
  • Understand the theories behind the key elements of talent management, and know how to practically apply these so they fit your organization.
  • Understand the basis for performance management that will derive value for your talent as well as your business
  • Learn how to operate a coaching and mentoring programme that benefits all participants and enhances performance. 

Available Modules

New World Talent: Create Winning Talent Strategies

 By completing these modules you will be:

  • Designing and implementing an over-arching talent management strategy for your organization.
  • Developing winning strategies for managing organizational capabilities, performance management, assessment, leadership development, succession planning, and coaching and mentoring.

Each module costs 115€, 185€ for modules 1 and 2 together or 185€ for modules 3 and 4 together.

Buy all four modules together for 345€ (4th module is free).

Module 1: Introduction to New World Talent and Get Started on your Talent Strategy

  • What is talent management, and who is it for?
  • Why is talent management important?
  • Why do we need a strategy for talent management?
  • The Four-Point Framework.
  • Get started on your talent strategy.
  • How do we measure success?

Module 2: Exploring the Four Point Framework for Talent Management (Coming soon)

  • Use the Four-Point Framework to guide the design and implementation of the different elements of your talent management strategies.
  • Examine different approaches to leadership assessment and development, career development, talent reviews, succession planning, and learning and development.

Module 3: Performance Management (Coming soon)

  • A holistic approach to performance management that examines all the elements that interact and impact with one another to create a high performing organization.
  • Examination of the current debate around the effectiveness of performance appraisal.
  • How to craft performance appraisal systems that truly add value to individuals, managers and the business as a whole.

Module 4: Coaching and Mentoring (Coming soon)

  • Coaching and mentoring are proven to be highly effective learning and development processes.
  • How and why coaching and mentoring suit the modern organization.
  • The differences between these two interventions and how to craft appropriate strategies for your organization.
  • Guidance and resources on setting up an internal mentoring programme in your organization, including:
    • Questionnaires for mentors and mentees to be used in the matching process.
    • Briefing documents.
    • Resources to support you through the selection of mentors and mentees, matching mentors with mentees, supporting the relationship, setting goals, measuring success, dealing with common problems, coordinating and supervising relationships, coaching tools and techniques,setting boundaries, rules of engagement and contracting. 


Module 1. New World Talent. Create Winning Talent Strategies

This course will help you design and implement winning talent strategies for your business.

Fechas: 12 feb. 2017 - 30 jun. 2017