TechClass.Academy relocates to the facilities of “Infinitum Factory”

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TechClass.Academy has relocated to the facilities of “Infinitum Factory”, a technology startup accelerator established in Barcelona-Sabadell.

By this move, TechClass.Academy will share synergies with the “Infinitum Factory” technology startup accelerator, adding value to high impact projects. Infinitum Factory is an excellent work-space created out of a former industrial factory, and converted into a singular work space of 1.650 square meters, with a clear orientation to energy efficiency and sustainability. 90% of the products are recycled, for example, the meeting rooms are containers, and the air-conditioning is based on cutting edge bio-climate system.

TechClass.Academy helps to create, sell and manage online courses quickly and easily through a comprehensive online platform. TechClass.Academy is designed for companies and organizations who need to offer on-site and online training to their customers, distributors, resellers, members, or franchises.

TechClass.Academy philosophy is based on the belief that “skilled and loyal users are key to increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction”.

To achieve this goal, TechClass.Academy helps companies to deal with all Training Operations through a single, unified system, saving time and money, according to the following areas:

Learning content development: We work with each customer to understand the specific case, and transform the existing knowledge into effective learning materials.

Advertise your courses: Create your course schedule landing pages with our templates designed to publish the relevant details of your courses and training programs

Training Operations management: Manage registrations, payments, and learning results through the TechClass.Academy platform.

Virtual Learning Area. This is where registered participants, students and instructors will engage with your online learning content.