TechClass.Academy helps Opticits to scale globally through its cloud learning platform

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Opticits, a fast-growing company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for City Resilience, has contracted TechClass.Academy to create interactive on-line learning courses intended to provide   both training on Urban Resilience Assessment and Management as well as technical training on the HAZUR tool to Opticits international network of experts interested about City Resilience.

A pioneer company in urban resilience

OptiCits was established as a private spin-off to develop solutions about City Resilience. Opticits developed HAZUR®, the software platform designed to support the design, implementation and management of cities’ resilience strategy. HAZUR® allows to foresee the consequences of impacts through a simulation mode, watch over the city and manage the Urban Resilience using IoT, as well as improve the city resilience by designing new strategies. The Training Programme offers free access to the HAZUR tool while requiring following a training and certification process.

Industrial know-how, applied to urban resilience

OptiCits deploys its wide experience in industrial safety and business continuity in an innovative methodology to assess and improve urban resilience. The HAZUR® solution help cities to be prepared for the impacts, resist, respond, recover and learn from them.

Resilience for every city

Until now, implementing a resilience strategy was a handmade process. Each city had to build their own tools and means from scratch. Opticits believes in a vision of Urban Resilience being the center of the new way of managing cities. Because of this, Opticits offers tools and know-how to make cities safer, smarter and consequently more resilient.

TechClass.Academy Training Platform

The courses are offered through TechClass.Academy platform which resolves all the Training Operations, including the publication of the course schedules, registration and enrolment of the participants, payments of the courses, access to the learning resources, and follow up of the learning outcomes.

The learning content has been developed in close collaboration between Opticits and TechClass.Academy. Opticits experts have provided their know-how, and TechClass.Academy education experts have provided the experience on instructional design, interactive learning elements, and effective pedagogy to ensure that the participants and students achieve a high level of understanding and mastery on Opticits solutions, in the shortest possible time.

TechClass.Academy uses didactic strategies such as storytelling, educational questions, interactive activities, etc., to increase the participant’s attention and completion rate. TechClass.Academy developed high quality eLearning with the corporate look and feel of Opticits, adapting the project to the specific needs and goals.